Debate This!

The first debate is over, and I did watch it. Or mostly listened to it, to be completely honest. Now, I understand the general concensus is that my man Barry lost; that he was dull, never made a point, missed chances at zingers, generally just sucked. Yeah, probably true. Would I have been happier if he had called Romney out for lying, just once? Of course. Do I think it’s a big deal? Nope.

First of all, I think he was justified in being distracted last night. Turkey and Syria were lobbing missles at each other, and I imagine he got that news sometime yesterday before the debate. I hope he had that on his mind the entire debate. He is the commander in chief after all. It’s kinda his job.

But who cares? Let Mittens have this one, what difference does it make? I doesn’t matter if he repeats the word “crushed” a million times (that could have been my drinking game cue, I should’ve seen that one coming), pretend to understand all those middle class citizens making $200,000 a year (Whaaat?) and their tuna casserole, all the time rolling up his sleeves so we think he’s finally serious about jobs, he’s still wrong. Let me say that again, Mitt … Romney … is … wrong. It’s that simple. He’s a trickle-down, free-market sychophant who keeps trying to sell the same snake-oil that started this whole mess 30 years ago. Why would I buy that crap knowing full well what it’s done to this country all ready? In the immortal words of Dubya, we “won’t get fooled again”. Or at least I hope not.


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