The Few, The Proud, The 53%

I will never understand why we accept such miserable working conditions without complaint. Working more than 40 hours makes you shit for a spouse or parent. How can you possibly have any kind of personal life under those conditions? There is no time to help your kids with their homework, cook a meal for your wife, clean the garage, hell, even have a conversation, with your family. Can you really say you are a good parent when you aren’t home enough to even know who their best friend is? Or you are a good wife when you  haven’t had a conversation that didn’t involve a schedule conflict or an argument about money? Current working conditions is the biggest threat against the “traditional family” existing today, and if you don’t notice that, you just ain’t paying attention.

Working more than 40 hours a week not only hurts your family, it also gives us no time to invest in our communities and country. Where is the time and resources for us to get involved in PTA, City Council, mentoring troubled kids, investigating our elected officials, continuing our education, or just simply being involved in our country or even our own lives? You want to know why our kids run wild in the streets and our elected officials ignore our needs? It’s because we are too busy working 60-80 hours a week at two or three jobs just to survive to even PAY ATTENTION to the festering sore our country has become!

Ask yourselves, who benefits when the vast majority have to tune out to the workings of our government because they are working insane hours for unfair wages just to survive? It’s the powerful elite; the business owners who send our jobs overseas and hide their profits in off-shore accounts; it’s the special interests who are manipulating our government and regulators to increase their profits at the expense of our health, national resources and collective treasure; it’s corrupt elected officials who do big favors for the monied elite and special interests in exchange for “field trips” to luxury beach resorts and big salary job offers when they leave office; it’s the criminal investor class making risky, stupid bets with our pensions and 401k plans at no risk to themselves since they make money no matter how poorly your investments do. They all conspire to keep us week and needy by devaluing our labor, setting prices just beyond our ability to live so we take on more and more work for less and less pay, and then telling us how “American” it is to work yourself to death! ENOUGH!

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